Chrissy is trained for riding and driving. She runs confidently in traffic, in the woods, or in open areas in pairs, fours, or solo. She is perfect for children or older people, as she always responds to a supposed dangerous situation with calmness and never with flight. Her temperament is extremely affectionate and very considerate, so she can be ridden easily by those with less horse experience. Of course, professionals won't miss out either, because with Chrissy, you can easily train young horses or get them used to riding in new environments.
Chrissy has also been successfully used in breeding. She is the mother of Arche Noah Primrose and Arche Noah Hollie. Chrissy was born at the well-known Westwick stud in England and then imported to Westphalia by us in 2015. She is a Dales Pony straight out of a storybook: strong foundation, large cannon bone circumference, full black mane, and long fetlock hair, making her ideal for breeding. A true all-rounder!
Date of birth: 15.06.2011; Height: 144 cm.
Chrissy on the field
Chrissy on the field

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