Cindy is also expected to excel as a driving and leisure pony. With a genetic makeup of 75% Dales pony and 25% riding pony, Cindy's unique gene pool provides the perfect foundation for a driving pony, as the Dales pony character lends her the necessary calmness and security. Additionally, Dales ponies have a significantly larger cannon bone circumference, making it safe for adults to ride Cindy as well. The riding pony blood in her also gives Cindy an alert disposition, making her quick and agile, which is ideal for the driving sport. Cindy's gait is also influenced by her riding pony character, showing a flowing trot with an impressive floating moment.
Born on April 15th, 2022, Cindy is estimated to reach a height of 145 cm.
Cindy has been sold and already found a great new home.

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