Update: New reel (in German)!

YouTube short in German about our lantern festive at our town hall.

This year (2023), once again, we joined the annual lantern parade for St. Martin in Reckenfeld with Grace. Accompanied by four torchbearers, we marched through the village with a lively group of enthusiastic children and their parents. Even a few autumn raindrops couldn't dampen the festive mood set to familiar brass band melodies. Back at the church, Martinsgänse (St. Martin's geese) and hot drinks were served for young and old alike.

Grace handled her role with great skill. 🌈✨
Castle Hill John II (Peppi) has always been our St. Martin's pony so far. But since recently, Arche Noah Grace has the special honor of being part of the theater play in front of the church as well as the procession. Some calm and especially patience is required, as the pony must always be gentle with the many children. But for our Dales Ponies, and especially for Peppi and Grace, this is no problem. They always manage the hustle and bustle, as well as the burning torches in the procession, or the long waiting periods, without any issues.
Grace takes part in the play
Grace takes part in the play
Every year at the 11th of November we gather at the St. Franziskus Church in Reckenfeld to celebrate with lots of children the St. Martin tradition. Come and meet us there.

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