Watch our video about the Home of the Dales Pony, which we shot in Teesdale.

Welcome to Teesdale, a region in the North of England, known for its breathtaking nature and rich wildlife. Here, gentle hills, green valleys, and crystal-clear streams create a paradise for nature lovers, photographers and Dales Pony enthusiasts alike.
Cauldron Snout
A highlight of Teesdale is undoubtedly Cauldron Snout. This impressive waterfall, fed by the River Tees, cascades down over 200 meters of rocky terrain, offering a spectacular backdrop. Hikers and adventurers will find much to explore on the surrounding trails.
High Force
Another natural wonder of the region is High Force, one of the largest waterfalls in England. With a drop of 21 meters, the water plunges into a deep pool, surrounded by lush vegetation and majestic rocks, providing an unforgettable experience for visitors.
The picturesque hills of Teesdale are also home to many sheep flocks. The hardy Teeswater sheep, known for their dense wool and adaptability, blend perfectly into the landscape and contribute to the traditional farming practices of the region.
The Dales Pony
Of course, we cannot overlook the Dales Pony in Teesdale. These sturdy and good-natured ponies are characteristic residents of the area. Originally used as working animals in the mines and on farms, Dales Ponies are now treasured companions for enthusiasts.
Explore for yourself!
Experience the unique beauty of Teesdale and let yourself be enchanted by the nature and wildlife.

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